Ana Rosa Thillet

I was born in Puerto Rico, wandered for some time through the jazzy streets of Havana, and now I live in Miami trying to make my way as a writer. I studied journalism, and currently work as a web editor. This is my second blog in WordPress, after Words and Places, which contained my works for the class Writing for Digital Media.
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Week 14: Assignment revisions

For this week assignment, I looked back at these two assignments: 1. Storify post on Narco Cultura documentary: added the film’s critical response, and move the text around to divide it by topic. 2. FAQ about Terra USA: Improved the response about blog submissions Advertisements

Week 13 assignment: Storify

“Narco Cultura” is a new documentary that explores the Mexican’s drug war and how it is glorified by singers of narcocorridos. Their music is more popular every time not only in Mexico but also on the other side of the burder, in the United States, thanks, ironically, to their lyrics about AK-47, bazookas, cartels and crime. … Continue reading

Week 12 Assignment – Create an interactive FAQ

Terra USA FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Each of these questions would have a link to the answers below) 1. What is Terra USA? 2. Where can I find your English content? 3. Can I submit a collaboration for your blog section? 4. Do you transmit soccer games? 5. Can I advertise in Terra USA? 6. … Continue reading

Live blogging: Draco Rosa “Vida Tour” concert

“Vida” (in English, Life) it’s the title of Robi Draco Rosa’s album and tour to celebrate he’s alive, after his two-year battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Tonight, his fans in Miami were able to enjoy his rock music just like in the old times. Tonight, he was Draco again. 10:25 p.m. – Draco Rosa puts an … Continue reading

Week 8: Digital Press Release

Title: Terra goes after English-speaking Latinos‏ Target: Business publications, Latino news publications In the competitive market of online news, the internet company Terra USA (terra.com) will target second and third generation English-speaking U.S. Hispanics by redesigning its Entertainment channel to present original content about Hispanics celebrities, along its traditional coverage of Hollywood news. With a … Continue reading

Week 7: Create online content

News organization: Terra USA (www.terra.com) Section: Entertainment news – English Overview: 
Terra USA (www.terra.com) is one of the leading news websites with a primary focus on the U.S. Hispanic audience with content in English and Spanish featuring news, entertainment, sports, online music concerts, video streaming, blogs, user generated content, email and other services. It reaches … Continue reading

Week 6: Fixing headlines and lists

I. Three examples online of poor headlines 1. Headline: Snoop Dogg’s son, 2015 four-star WR: Kiffin should have been fired ‘a while ago’ Problem: Too long, with too many details. General readers may not know what WR is. It is even more confusing because the article was placed as the top story in Yahoo! (below the … Continue reading

Week 5: Coverage of LatinoUSA Podcast on Twitter

Eugenio Derbez talks about the success in Hollywood of “Instructions Not Included,” Jorge Ramos talks about Media Authority (why is that Spanish media gets ignored?) and Rita Moreno talks about her Puerto Rican pride. https://twitter.com/AnaRosaThillet

Life in Cuba: a Puerto Rican tells the story

We are loud and proud. We are known for dancing salsa, cooking cocina criolla, and for exchanging an “R” for an “L” when we talk. Our heart beat faster when we hear Marc Anthony shouting boricuaaaaa!, and we love reggaeton music. But when I have to talk about the experiences that shaped how I see … Continue reading

Triangle Wiki: TABLE

Our first entry in Triangle Wiki is about TABLE. Know more about this non-profit organization in North Carolina.